About Life in The Redlands

A Gorgeous Coastal Lifestyle

Welcome to The Redlands – offering a gorgeous coastal lifestyle, flanked by lush bushland and serviced by all the modern facilities and amenities you expect of an urban suburb. 

If you’re new to the area, you’ve probably got a few questions, and, luckily enough, we’ve got some answers. 

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about The Redlands and what it’s like to live here:

Is The Redlands QLD a good place to live?

An Excellent Place To Live

By most people’s standards and expectations, The Redlands is an excellent place to live. It offers a slightly more laid-back lifestyle compared to inner city life, without having to sacrifice too many things that you’d want in your neighbourhood. 

We’ve written an extended article on just why The Redlands offers the best coastal living here: Experience the Coastal Life in The Redlands. In short, the area offers a fantastic combination of bush and beach lifestyle options, as well as great shopping, fantastic facilities, a thriving arts culture and, probably most importantly, a beautiful community spirit. 

What is the lifestyle in The Redlands?

Coastal Lifestyle For Families And All Ages

The Redlands offers a vibrant coastal lifestyle for families and individuals of all ages. 

For the young, growing family there are plenty of schools, parks, sporting clubs and recreational activities to offer.

For singles or couples there are restaurants, bars and clubs and plenty of things to keep your weekends occupied, from active outdoor pursuits, through to live music and theatre.

For seniors and retirees, The Redlands also has plenty to offer. Not only is there excellent healthcare present throughout the region, but there is also a plethora of community groups and activities from the RSL to bowling clubs, craft groups, over 50s fitness, educational offerings, and social groups.

The tight-knit but welcoming community is supportive of individuals of all ages and walks of life and, with the ever-growing population, more and more will be on offer, creating a Redlands that really has it all!

What suburbs are in The Redlands?

Getting To Know The Area

Redland City Council encompasses a land area of approximately 537km². It includes both a large coastal mainland area and several Island locations. The suburbs are as follows:

Mainland Suburbs:

∙         Alexandra Hills
∙         Birkdale
∙         Capalaba
∙         Cleveland
∙         Mount Cotton
∙         Ormiston
∙         Redland Bay
∙         Sheldon
∙         Thorneside
∙         Thornlands
∙         Victoria Point
∙         Wellington Point

Bay Islands:

∙         Coochiemudlo Island
∙         Karragarra Island
∙         Lamb Island
∙         Macleay Island 
∙         North Stradbroke Island (Including the suburbs of Dunwich, Amity Point and Point Lookout)
∙         Peel Island (Currently Uninhabited National Park Land) 
∙         Russel Island 

What is the population of The Redlands?

A Popular Growing Region of QLD

Based on data from 2022, the current population of Redland City is 163,732.

The population in the area is on a steady increase with last year’s increase being approximately 1.25%.

Growth in the area is expected to continue to increase as more and more people choose to take advantage of the wide range of new housing developments and improved infrastructure. This, combined with the comparatively affordable price tag on properties in the area, and the exceptionally attractive lifestyle, continues to make The Redlands a very popular choice for many families and individuals looking to move into the Southeast Brisbane area. 

Why is it called The Redlands?

What's In A Name

The Redlands’ name stems from the rich and fertile, red volcanic soil that can be found throughout most of the region.

The area surrounding Moreton Bay was opened for settlement in 1842, with timber and saw-milling making up the bulk of the area’s first industry. 

From here the region also quickly developed a highly successful fishing and farming community. The red, volcanic soil, known as krasnozem soil is largely what made Redlands’ agriculture so successful in its early stages. 

Although much of the farming has now made way for other, more urbanised development, the red soil that gave the area its name is still very much present in many local’s backyards. 

Before English settlement, it was home to the Quandamooka people, who had a deep connection with both the land and waters that surround The Redlands. Though displaced by initial settlement, the Quandamooka peoples now once again have a very strong presence in the area, noted perhaps most prominently on North Stradbroke Island, also known in the native tongue as Minjerribah.