Coochiemudlo Island

Things To Do On Coochiemudlo Island

One of the best things about “Coochie” is just how easy it is to get there!  There is ample parking in the nearby park., Be aware this can get very popular on weekends and school holidays. Then head down to the ferry terminal, for a regular 10 minute crossing to the island.

Coochiemudlo Island offers the essentials for a comfortable and relaxed visit. It has a general store where you can purchase groceries and necessities. There’s a bowling club that serves as a social hub for the island’s community. The island also features a choice of beaches, some shaded parks, family picnic areas, and walking tracks that allow residents and visitors to enjoy the natural beauty.

Grab some food at the Curlew Takeaway & Grocery Store , not far from the ferry terminal. It’s open daily for a morning paper, or hearty breakfast and coffee. If you happen to be there on a Friday or Saturday night, you might be in for an Italian dinner treat.  For lunch you can grab local fish and chips, burgers or ice creams and drinks for the kids.

A short stroll down Victoria Parade to the east, and you will locate the Coochiemudlo Island Beach Bar. A few good beers on tap, with a good pub food menu and not too expensive either. Lovely location overlooking the sea and adjacent to the park and foreshore area. Dogs also allowed. 

Curlew Cafe and Grocery Store Coochiemudlow QLD
Curlew Cafe & Grocery Srore
Island Beach Bar Coochiemudlo Island QLD
Island Beach Bar

A Glimpse into Coochiemudlo Island History

Coochie has a rich and storied history. The Quandamooka people, the traditional custodians of the region, have inhabited the island for thousands of years. They named it “Coochiemudlo,” which some believe means “red rock” in their language.

European settlement began in the mid-1800s, bringing farming and fishing to the island. The island has also seen periods of timber harvesting, oyster farming, and sand mining throughout its history. It’s tranquil beauty has made it a popular holiday destination since the early 1900s, attracting visitors with its pristine beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

Over the years, Coochiemudlo Island has managed to maintain its unspoiled charm, offering a peaceful retreat from the nearby urban areas. The island’s rich Indigenous heritage, combined with its natural beauty, makes it a place where history and tranquility coexist, creating a unique destination for both residents and visitors.

Amity Trader Ferry Service

Getting to Coochie

Coochiemudlo Island does not have a bridge connection to the mainland, and access is primarily via regular ferry services from Victoria Point.

The passenger ferry crossing to takes just 10 to 15 minutes. With scheduled services running every half hour, from early in the morning until late at night, there are plenty of services to and from Coochie.  

Passenger Ferry Fares - Eff 01/07/23


Standard Adult One Way: $6.50

Standard Adult Return: $13.00

Adult 10 Trip Multi-Ticket: $52.00


Child Under 4 Travel Free

Child (5-14) One Way: $3.25

Child (5-14) Return: $6.50

Child (5-14) 10 Trip Multi-Ticket: $26.00

Concession Fares

Adult with Valid Concession Card One Way: $3.25
Adult with Valid Concession Card Return: $6.50
Adult with Valid Concession Card 10 Trip Multi-Ticket: $26.00
Vision-impaired Return: $0.00
TPI/EDA Veteran Return: $0.00

*Children aged 5 to 14 years (inclusive) are eligible for a concession fare.
*Children may be asked to show proof of age, such as a school photo identification card.
*School students may be eligible for the School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS).

Amity Trader Vehicular Barge

Taking a vehicle to Coochie

Vehicular barges operate to Coochiemudlo Island seven days a week with the barge departing from Masters Ave,  Victoria Point. The crossing takes just 10 to 15 minutes and the popular vehicular barges run throughout the year.

Prior Bookings are Essential.

The barge is available for passenger vehicles, trailers, boats, trucks, motorbikes as well as walk on passengers. While the barge operates at regular intervals 7 days a week there are different times  for weekdays and weekends. Head to Amity Traders website for further schedules and fare info. 

Sunny day on Coochiemudlo Island, Brisbane, Queensland

Coochie Island Demographics

Who lives on the island?

The demographic makeup of Coochiemudlo Island is diverse, with a mix of permanent residents, families, holidaymakers, and retirees. As the island is generally a welcoming and inclusive community, it attracts people from various walks of life. 

Approx 900 people live here, with a median age of 62. That includes over 200 families, and 400 occupied houses.